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Songwriting Women Part 3: Karan Casey

Here’s the third part of my Songwriting Women radio series which was broadcast on UCC 98.3 fm . It features  Karan Casey, a well known traditional singer and songwriter who lives in Cork . Karan sings live in studio and talks about her background and her music tastes from jazz through to folk . She also talks about her own writing and shares  her inheritance tracks which range from vocal jazz by Bobby McFerrin to River by Joni Mitchell.

Songwriting Women Part 2: Maija Sofia


A black and white shot of Abigail Joffe in studio at the radio station
Abigail Joffe in Studio at UCC 98.3FM

By taking female singer-songwriters  in Ireland as an example of a  Community of Practice and employing some principles of Participatory Action Research  and #TransformDH I am conducting qualitative interviews with practitioners  in order to gather information about this particular community . The idea is to approach this from a feminist perspective in a similar way to #Wakingthefeminists and link to others working in the field through #soundingthefeminists and other initiatives.

In this interview which was recently broadcast on Campus Radio UCC 98.3 FM  I talk to  Maija Sofia about her songwriting influences, her practice and her experience as a woman in the music industry. She also treats us to acoustic versions of two new songs.

I started out by asking her how she described her music and whether she considered herself as sitting in a particular genre. The player below sometimes takes a couple of clicks but it does work

In the second half of the show I  invited Maija Sofia to place herself on an imaginary bill alongside some of her songwriting heroes. Here’s the playlist  from the show :

  • Maija Sofia The Girl Who Pulled the Sun Down
  • The Kinks  Waterloo Sunset
  • Aldous Harding  Horizon
  • PJ Harvey  Rid of Me
  • Joanna Newsome Clam, Cockle, Cowrie
  • Abigail Joffe  The Love We Make
  • Kate Bush  Moving
  • Nico I’ll be your Mirror ( fragment)

Maija Sofia’s music is available to listen to here


These music recordings are licensed for online broadcast  and playback under UCC98.3fm