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I started this blog for my MA in Digital Arts and Humanities at UCC . My research and writing interests range from general issues and ideas around the Digital Humanities to my passion for Songwriting, Women in Music, Feminism and Social Justice. The site includes some links to and excerpts from the radio show I present on UCC 98.3fm such as interviews with two women singer-songwriters Ciara O’Flynn and Maija Sofia who discuss their practice , influences and experiences.

There’s also a review of a recent UCCDH research colloquium on Feminist Hashtivism in the Irish Context and my take so far on What is Digital Humanities.

As well being connected I’m very keen on disconnecting and you can read some of my first thoughts on this in my piece Why Don’t You ?

There’s also a piece on copyright and the Mickey Mouse rule inspired by reading Lawrence Lessig‘s Free Culture and something I  heard from UCC’s  Dr Darius Whelan